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SummaryAfter Senator Bryan Ryan dies, Presidential candidate Will Schuester is sure he has Democratic nomination in the bag. So does his campaign manager Santana Lopez, until she meets a mysterious woman at a motel. AU.

Author: thefooliam (ff) (tumblr) (twitter)

Rating: M

Length: 3 chapters ( 54,866). WIP.

Mod Note: After helping to beta for a story I’ve recced to you all (by MGMK), I’m in a hard core mood for some Brittana fanfic combined with political ideology, and considering Beth could write a saga on why cottage cheese should be with ever meal and I would cry about how no one understands the depth of the cheese, and how dare society reject it, etc etc etc, I of course have to rec this story to you all. She hasn’t updated in a while, and I’m not sure when she plans on doing it, but honestly, I plan on individually recommending every one of her stories, this included. So go over there, share the love when you realize how crazy talented she is, and be the awesome ficcers I know you are!

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