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Anonymous → Hello! If you've got a moment, I need your magic fic finding powers! I started reading a story in incognito mode on my browser, closed the story, and now I can't find it!!! Arrrrragasdsfk anyway, Santana's a photographer, Quinn's her manager, and Brittany's a TV star. S and B broke up years ago and S has been a little ball of angst since, sleeping around with Brittany look-a-likes. Then she has to do a photo shoot with Britt for her emmy nominated tv show and angsting intensifies...

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Anonymous → The fic your anon is looking for is Found by Crystalynn2006 on ffnet
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Anonymous → HI! It seems that you read a lot of fanfics. So I was wondering if you could tell me the title of a fanfic i read a while ago. I remember what it was about but i dont remember the name and I would love the reread it. It was about Santana being a famous singer and Brittany living with her sister and brother inlaw who abused her. They end up connecting over a facebook comment and in the end Santana saves Brittany and Brittany goes on tour with Santana. Please help me :)

I’ve actually never read this but it sounds really interesting. 

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softballwoman12 → I was just wondering if you'd happen to know where a couple of fics are. I can't find them anywhere, all the links are bad. One is called Fire, the other Lights Out. Same author, companion pieces. I don't know if she took them down or what, and its cool if she did but you're like the go to for fic.

Hey! I’m sorry I haven’t replied to this in a few days (or posted on this blog). I was sick, still am a little but I’m only now starting to feel more like a human and less like a germ monster that was seconds away from the life flashing out of my eyes.

… I may be a very dramatic sick person.

Regardless, here is the stitch. That author, “jeune fille en fleur”, retired from fandom as far as I can see. She kept her two main works (masterpieces, I should say) but it looks like she took down all of her other stories. Unless someone has them saved as pdfs or an equivalent, I’m afraid I can’t find them anywhere. Sorry I can’t help!

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Oh, I wanna dance with somebody.

With somebody who loves me.

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"Fate has spoken"

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Anonymous → Could you tell me what OGC is about? I know people love that fic but I have no clue why. Could you elaborate? Thanks, JJ!


Hey, Anon!

I’ve Never Reached an Answer (I’m Only Given Clues) is the story of how Santana, Quinn, Brittany, Artie, and the rest of the McKinley High glee club spend their summer vacation between Seasons Two and Three. Starting off in Lima, they road trip south to Florida, where they eventually make their stay at Santana’s grandmother’s home in Key West.

In my opinion, OGC is the Great American Novel of Brittana fiction—even though its brilliant author, Beth, is British.

The quality of the prose is so incredibly high and the depth of the storytelling just astounds me. This is a superb story, not just within Brittana fanon, but in general. It’s just some damn good writing, at turns romantic, sweet, heartbreaking, and astonishing, but always and above all deeply psychological.

The narration alone in the story blows my mind.

OGC is Glee the way it should be: the characters are all fully and deeply developed and serve their best purposes within the narrative frame, the dialogue is interesting and revelatory, and the relationships between the various characters are incredibly rich, complicated, and fascinating to parse.

Beth writes both Quinn and Brittana beautifully; she fills in holes that RIB and Co. might never explore, but really totally should.

Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about this story, Anon. If you’re really curious about it, I would recommend that you go read it, as no review of mine could do the story justice.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the reading! Thanks for writing in. 

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SummarySantana and Quinn’s hopes of a peaceful and relaxing summer at Santana’s grandmother’s in Florida are dashed when the rest of New Directions invites themselves to join them.

Author: thefooliam (ff) (tumblr) (twitter)

Rating: M

Length: 19 chapters ( 310,189). Complete.

Mod Note: The fact that I haven’t already recommended this story to you all a million times is really a glaring oversight on my part, as it is one of my favorite stories of all time. Not Brittana, not Glee, not fanfic. Stories. The characterization in this is flawless and heartbreaking, and the rawness of each storyline and reveal makes it seamless and an emotional read. You will cry when reading this story. But in a cathartic way that reminds you of how even these two girls can hurt each other, they also save each other. Also, the ensemble relationships make you love every character she brings into the situation and really makes everything perfect. Go read this right now, and cry and laugh and enjoy.

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SummaryAfter Senator Bryan Ryan dies, Presidential candidate Will Schuester is sure he has Democratic nomination in the bag. So does his campaign manager Santana Lopez, until she meets a mysterious woman at a motel. AU.

Author: thefooliam (ff) (tumblr) (twitter)

Rating: M

Length: 3 chapters ( 54,866). WIP.

Mod Note: After helping to beta for a story I’ve recced to you all (by MGMK), I’m in a hard core mood for some Brittana fanfic combined with political ideology, and considering Beth could write a saga on why cottage cheese should be with ever meal and I would cry about how no one understands the depth of the cheese, and how dare society reject it, etc etc etc, I of course have to rec this story to you all. She hasn’t updated in a while, and I’m not sure when she plans on doing it, but honestly, I plan on individually recommending every one of her stories, this included. So go over there, share the love when you realize how crazy talented she is, and be the awesome ficcers I know you are!

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